Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Show & Tell Time - My First Projects

Hello friends! 

When it comes to my humble sewing roots, I'm pretty much still a sewing newbie by most regards.  I first set my hands on a sewing machine back in April of 2011, thanks to Melody teaching me how to sew and to Holly for selling me her old machine.  My original goal was to be able to make my own costumes and creative attire for parties, events, and trips.  I have many artistic friends through the Burning Man community who are performers and skilled costume-putting-together-ers, and they inspire me every time I see their clothing & costume creations. In the truest sense, I had to learn to crawl before dance, so I started making some household creations before I ventured into clothing and costumes.  Once I got the hang of it, I soon realized that there's a whole world of things that can be sewn or crafted ~ who knew?!? 

The rest of tonight's post will be mostly visual.  Admit it, you know you like flipping through a magazine to peruse the pictures and skim the captions.  It's ok, me too. 

So, without further ado, here are some fun fotografias.

My first project ever.  A set of placemats with matching cloth napkins that fit inside the convenient placemat pocket.
Oh la la!

2nd project was the matching apron ~ it's reversible!

These plain white dish towels are plain no more!!

My first bag!! A bunch of your SUTI (Sewing Under the Influence  - get it???) bloggers all took a quilting class and made the same type of bag. 
I totally fooled some of my coworkers and friends ~ they thought it was a "crafty - looking" purse from a chic boutique. 

The Sewing Mat bag - to carry all my sewing supplies as I travel to Monday Night Sew In gatherings.  It holds  so much stuff and is very sturdy.

 These placemats & matching coasters ended up as a gift to my mother.

Burp Cloths for my coworker ~ she had a little boy with a monkey themed nursery.... I expanded and went with monkeys and other jungle animals

Matching Bib and Placemat for a friend's new baby girl, Maddy

Much love & sunshine!



  1. Oooo, cute place to start! Thanks for sharing....

  2. you know for being a "newbie" you def have come natural talent... your stuff looks sotre worthy. So I guess taht means I agree with your co-workers, like you bought it all from a chic botique. :)

  3. my favorite...the sewing mat bag!