Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sneak Peek

So Monday was a holiday and I was given a few child free hours by my awesome husband to sew with no interruptions. I was getting tired of sewing the tumblers together for my scrap quilt so I pulled out my cut pieces for my king size bed quilt. I put on pandora to a little 90's/early 2000's mix and got to sewing. Also because is was a Monday sewing night I got a few more hours in the evening and to my delight I was able to finish my quilt one day!

Here is a sneak peek, I don't want to show the finished product until I quilt it.

I was super happy with how the colors turned out together. I really love the center blue which is actually the main color of the quilt which you will see later on.

Besides that we have been enjoying the wonderful 80 degree San Diego weather this week and yesterday we decided it was a perfect day to dig in the dirt.

See you next week!!



  1. WOO! love love love the color choices for your quilt!

    I'm binding mine as we speak!

  2. I can't believe you did the whole top in a day!! It's going to be lovely- yeah for child free sewing hours- although you know I adore your children...