Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reminiscing About Oktoberfest

I confess that I have have not sewn a thing this week. Between being pregnant, having a slight cold and just the busyness of life, the week quickly passed by.

My computer is my TV, or my TV is my computer, whichever way you look at it when my screen saver goes on it scrolls through all of the pics on my iphoto. I was watching it the other day and a few photos from this past October's Oktoberfest came up and I was able to reminisce about my experience. I decided to go ahead and share some of that with you.

Here is an inside view of out both:

Here is an outside view of our both:

Sorry the pictures aren't that great, but it's what I had. Miranda and I decided, after some encouragement from our spouses and some friends, to try and sell some of our hand made goods at our local La Mesa Oktoberfest. So doing little to no research we sent in our money and committed to a spot for 3 days. The months leading up to it were an emotional roller coaster with thoughts of "what if we sell out on the first day?" to "what if we don't sell anything?" and every thought in between. I don't think either of us has ever sewn, or thought we would ever sew, so much on our lifetime. And for the first time in my short sewing career I started to not enjoy myself very much. Well the weekend came, we worked our little booties off, we learned more about each other than most ever get the opportunity to, and we broke even. Which let's face it, is all you can really ever ask for. I think after we were done we decided that if we were to ever do it again we would do our research and sign up for something that costs us way less and is way less of a time commitment. But in the end it was a huge learning opportunity.

Well, come back next Thursday... I promise to have some sewing to show you and possibly even a completed project.



  1. Awww, Oktoberfest...bitter sweet. I STILL have things left from that, but it was fun and I'm glad I did it wth you Holly!

  2. I"M personally glad you got the ipod docking station that we all seem to enjoy! YAY Oktoberfest...yay lessons learned! And YAY for you being able to whip together a purse or diaper bag in a couple hours with no pattern. Oktoberfest was good in that respect, too!

  3. Wow ladies - I had no idea your booth had so much to offer! I'm sorry I never made it out to Oktoberfest to see you gals in action. Congrats on the fun, lessons learned, and the accomplishment overall!