Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fat Tuesday does feet

              Adorbs right? And they finally fit! I made these from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings way back when I was pregnant with Missy, (who turned 16 months today- sad and wonderful at the same time),   and didn't know if she was a Miss or a Mister, (pay no attention to the large pink polka dot- good thing she was a girl eh?). They are super charming and easy. It probably took me three hours to make these and that was waaaay back two years ago when I was considerably slower. Cozy flannel on the inside and cotton on the outside- I should have used some sweet "Little Folks" fabric but sadly I didn't know where to buy it at the time. (Which, incidentally, if you live in the San Diego area go by Maisonette for fabric- great selection and darling girls to buy it from. I love them). If I made these again I might cut down the pattern for a newborn and spring for some colored elastic. Go over here and see where I blogged about them before, (or go over there because you can see them on cute baby feet).
                  (A word on covered buttons because Melody asked me to share- they're easy and fun, you can buy them over here. They don't take a big fancy machine, just a simple rubber knob that usually comes with the bottons. I like to put a hair elastic thru the loop of the button and use them as last minute presents for little girls or just on any clothing project- they definitely take take handmade up a notch).


  1. Cute! and I did check out your other blog to see them on cute baby feet :)

  2. Love them! Would it be weird to make a pair for my future children who don't exist yet? Proabably. So, sounds like a good baby shower gift for a preggo friend! I have a few of those.

  3. baby shoes are THE CUTEST! I hate that they really don't wear shoes until somewhere towards the end of the first year!