Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Happy Day-After-Fat-Tuesday aka the start of Lent aka 40 days til Easter! Whoa, time flies.

Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had Presidents Day off from work.  So, I took full advantage of that 3 day weekend opportunity to sew, and finish my projects I had been lagging on finishing lately.  Are any of you like me?  Here's how I go...  1. Get excited for a new piece of fabric or a new project started. 2.  After putting in significant time on said project, lose interest and/or get stuck on a difficult step in the process. 3.  Find another exciting new piece of fabric and/or project to start.  4.  Oops, now I have multiple almost-done projects that I just can't get motivated to finish.  Just me or can you relate?

Well here are some updates and final products that I kicked in gear this past holiday weekend.

The thread board that my honey designed and made for me.  OK, actually, HE finished the project.  I really had no hand in it and can take NO credit.  Great job babe!!!.  He painted it a vibrant turquoise color.  Now I just need to buy more thread to fill all the available places for the spools!

The Christmas (yes, that's right CHRISTMAS) dish towels that I hadn't finished yet for my Grandmother.  I had finished one for her by Christmas, and wrote an IOU note for the rest.  I bought the dishtowels at Target, and sewed in 2 strips of matching Christmas fabric on each.  My beverage of choice that easy-going afternoon was a delish brown ale, Newcastle.  Yum.

Here's the progression of the birthday tote bag that I started on a Sew-Day with my girlfriend, Catherine a while back.  It is a good Spring time bag - big & sturdy, definitely able to hold the kids' towels and toys for a beach adventure day.  I found the blog with the tutorial via my friend via TipNut (Tote Bag Tutorial).  Here's the free tutorial and PDF pattern, should you want to make this cute and useful bag.  Be forewarned - if you're not a quilter (which I'm not), be aware that the bag calls for a significant amount of binding, which can be difficult and time consuming.  Overall, the bag turned out really well, and I'm glad I made it.

There are a bunch of steps in the process that I forgot to capture on my camera - oops!

These two are of Catherine's bag in progress.  She and I made the same bag.  I love her color and pattern choices!

Happy days to all!

Cheers ~ Nina


  1. I am the recipient of your fabulous bag! Now I want to go to the beach! But not until Marshall is walking. crawler + sand = no good.

  2. What a fun bag- love the fabrics on both of them! And don't worry, you'll fill up that thread board quickly