Monday, January 30, 2012

Let the Sunshine In!!

Here in sunny San Diego, we've had a week or so of (in my humble opinion), perfect weather.  The sun has been shining, temp floating around 75/80 at the beach, and all sorts of people out and about enjoying the outside.  I got some sewing done, but only because it was a sew-date with my girlfriend and coworker, Catherine.  She and I often bring our latest crafty creations in the office, each offering oh's and ah's, as well as technique tips for how to accomplish something as fantastic as whatever we brought in.

So last week, Catherine showed me the tutorial for a project she wanted to do.  I loved it so much, I told her I'd make it too!  I'm being vague here on purpose, because the not-quite-finished-yet project will be given to Melody for her <belated> birthday gift... once it has been gifted, I'll put up the link from where we found the tutorial, plus some pics.

Back to this past weekend of gloriousness.  Catherine and I had our sew-date sipping Iced Tea and feeling the warm Santa Ana breezes come through her house - most of the windows and doors were open.  The project turned out to be a new challenge that neither of us had tried before: Binding.  Now for all my fellow blog cohorts, quilting/binding is pretty common, but I haven't yet ventured into the world of quilts.

To round out the weekend, my Boyfriend, David, built me a thread board to hang all my thread spools!  I gave him this pic as an idea (Thread Board Tree):

Original Thread Tree Inspiration
Then, when I was off busy at my sew-date, he took the concept and ran with it!  One inspirational sun pendant (and sunny day as well), jigsaw, man-tools of whatever other sort, and a few hours later, and ....

Man who knows how to use tools ~ yay!


*** The construction of the board and nails is complete.  Now, I'll be painting it a deep burnt orange someday soon to really finish it off.  I love how detailed & personalized it is.  Thanks honey!


P.S. My tasty refreshing beverage while I type is a glass of chilled water with a few cucumber slices and a splash of lemon juice.  It's late, and I'll be heading to bed soon ~ it's a perfect "mocktail" as my nightcap.


  1. So how did the binding party turn out?! Love the spool holder, nice job David, it's so creative and fun!

  2. wow that looks awesome!! I want one...willl def be showing my husband!!