Thursday, January 26, 2012

If You're Riding a Horse at 40 MPH

So... I got all inspired this week to start on my quilt. I got out everything to cut, which by the way is my least favorite part of sewing, and everything was going great till I got to my last fabric. I mismeasured. And not by a little bit but by almost 2 yards. I guess it's my own fault for trying to copy a quilt I saw on a blog with no pattern. But seriously, 2 yards, I must have been smoking crack (not literally, but figuratively... if there is such a thing as figurative crack). Mostly I'm bummed because now I have to wait till next month to go buy it, on a budget here, and I am a little nervous that they won't have the fabric anymore. oh well. I will make do a forge ahead if necessary.

My double ARGH this week came as I tried starting my scrap quilt. I am trying to be brave like Miranda and not pin anything, especially since there are 783 pieces, but I am struggling. I did the first two rows and 90% of my seams don't line up. I am pretty sure it's because I am not pinning and therefore my seams aren't all exactly 1/4 inch which is essential in quilting (if you want it to look perfect) so not all my tumblers are the same size. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

I am trying to live by the motto of my Quilting class teacher, Constance. She always says something like "if your riding a horse at 40 mph hours are you going to see it (meaning your mistakes) then who cares." That is easier said than done for me especially if it's going to reside in my home. If it's off to someones else house, well then I don't have to look at it. Ha ha. I am determined not to take out the first 2 rows, but I think I am going to bite the bullet and pin the rest of the 731 pieces.

Well, until next week...



  1. Many of my seams are like that too, Holly! Don't worry. Constance is TOTALLY RIGHT on this one! You won't notice it. I promise. Keep going!

  2. thanks! I can deal with a few being off just not most :)

  3. Crazy perfectionist, it looks lovely- don't stress. Can't wait to see it!! (And so sorry about your other one).

  4. I honestly didn't even noticed the first couple times I saw the pic. Who says it has to line up anyway? It's a quilt made up of scraps, so I like how it's more crafty that way. Imperfect is cool dude!