Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Billy Cardi with Fat Tuesday

       So....here it is folks. Fat Tuesday's version of the Billy Cardi. 

      I found this adorable cardigan on No big dill several months ago and decided to make one as a gift. We won't mention for whom or for what holiday as it has not been given yet...but lets just say that the fabric was bought in early December and the cardigan was just made a few days ago. Oh but girls, (boys? are there any boys present?), it is so easy and fun! I was a little edgy, (in truth I've been puting it off for sheer lack of confidence), but it came together so quickly. I could have done it in one evening if I hadn't started at 10:30 at night. In fact I didn't even need to cut apart a shirt to use as a patten; I just smoothed out one of my current long sleeved t's and it worked out great. Thanks so much to Katy for the fantastic tutorial!!  (Pretend not to notice that hers is a bit cuter than mine...).

        A few notes:
              *The Sulky thread that is used for the detail stitching breaks easily- Katy very 
                kindly mentions this and tells you not to use it for seams- I'm just reiterating 
                because it broke several times on me just during the detail stitching.
              *I personally wasn't able to get my fancy stitching large enough to notice on the 
                ribbed jersy, but that was quite possibly opperator error so give it a try and tell   
                me how it goes for you.
              *This whole project took me about three hours (and over half of that was figuring 
                out the pattern and cutting it out) and 1.5yds of fabric (buy as much fabric as she 
                says to, I'm quite a short and small girl).
              *Go thru the trouble to do the top seams inside out and sew them down- it's such a 
               great detail and it takes the piece from Old Navy to handmade chic, nothing 
               against Old Navy of course!
              *It's super comfy, go thru the extra time and fabric to lengthen the sleeves like she  
                says- so worth it!

      So thanks again to Katy from No big dill, I love your cardi. In fact, I'm off to find me some good jersey to make one for myself, I want to sew thumb holes in the sleaves of the next one!


  1. Ooooohhhh! I love it!! I am totally going to copy you and make one! I promise I won't wear it the same day as you other gals ~ that would be so tacky!!