Tuesday, January 17, 2012

State of the Sew-In Address, 2012

SEW..... (how can I NOT start off with the most dearly beloved sewing pun?  That's going to get used a lot around here, I just know it!)...

We all got together for another Monday Night Sew-In last night at Miranda's house, and I am so excited about how it continues to change, and grow, and morph into something.  I'm not quite sure what that "something" is, and it's probably a different "something" for every different person that comes, but what I like most is that it's important for all of us.

For me, personally, our Monday night rendezvous(es?) are about camaraderie.  They are about laughing with our head thrown back (maybe that's just me?); about eating brownies and popcorn and then wondering why I did that when I have to touch fabric in the next ten seconds (me, again); about telling the latest motherhood victories and struggles with other moms, about living vicariously through some of the stories and adventures my non-married friends tell.  I mean, sure, we each have a project to work on, and we have to work hard to make progress on it between all of our breaks for eating, talking, laughing, drinking, picking a playlist, and winding bobbins.  The projects seem to be the formal reason to get together, while the result of getting together is not always a finished project.

Instead of a finished project, we have laughed together.

Instead of a finished project, we have sung songs that have been stuck in our heads the past two weeks.

Instead of a finished project, we have shared stories that make us feel like we aren't the only one going through _______________. (fill in blank as needed)

Instead of a finished project, we have connected.

Monday Night Sew-In is like informal therapy, costing only the price of fabric, thread, sewing supplies, and the occasional sewing machine tune-up.

Long live the Monday Night Sew-In!

p.s. I do have to add that many people DO finish projects at a sew-in, but I am never one of them.  I am positive that social sewing CAN be quite productive, but for me, not while I have snacks and sewing in competition with each other.  Snacks always win.



  2. Oh snacks SEW win. And so does friendship and chatting and a few precious kid free hours (I love them I do!). Thank guys for lighting up my Monday nights