Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sometimes I Get a Good Feeling...

Two things you need to know about me; 1: I almost always have a song in my head and if I don't, well then I am singing what I am saying/doing/thinking. As a result of this sing-song characteristc (if you can call it that) a majority of my posts will have song references. 2: I am pregnant so whether you like it or not I will also talk a good deal about that.

So with these two things in mind, Flo Rida is the inspiration for my post this week. Sometimes I get a good feeling... well I guess it would be more appropraite to say sometimes the bad feelings go a way. In these nausea free moments I have decided to seize the oppportunity, graciosuly abandon the couch and housework, to work on some sewing. I have 2 quilt tops and bottoms I would like to finish by the time I travel to Oregon in April. My mother has an awesome machine and I would like to take advantage and possibly quilt them both while I am up there. Ambitious? Maybe. Impossible? Well I guess that depends on how often I get these "good feelings".

Well last week I left you a picture of the fabric for my king size quilt. So today I leave you with the scraps for my scrap quilt.

560 down. 223 to go.


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  1. Wow, my 783 boggles my mind- you go my friend, you go. I'm sure it will be quite lovely...