Monday, January 30, 2012

Meet Sergio Mendez

This is a good friend of mine and Holly's...

He's a little bit moody at times, and can easily fall apart when he feels like he doesn't want to do serge.

I mean, seriously, Sergio...All I've ever asked you to do is ONE TYPE OF SEAM.  Granted, you're complicated, you have four threads to sort through like 78 times a second, and you have two needles that need to kind of be in sync with each other, but REALLY?!  I thought girls were complicated, but you are beyond complicated.

Sorry you had to see/hear/read that folks.  I often talk to machines and other things that can't possibly carry on a conversation.  I just got Sergio Mendez back from the shop, cause he was missing something on the plate (where the needles go through), and then his presser foot lever was cracked and broken.  He's a mess.  Let's just face it.

My sewing mechanic got him back to me 3 weeks later, and I've been serging everything in sight.  Three weeks is three weeks too long!

So, I made a deviation from my normal quilting routine and made a couple of pairs of shorts for my little guy (using Dana's kid pants/shorts tutorial)!

Come back soon to see what else Sergio and I accomplished!


  1. Adorbs! Sergio, shame on you! Oh well, you can be friends with my Singer serger who admittedly often sings off key.

  2. Melody, it would be so cute if the boys had matching pairs of shorts! Photo op!!
    I haven't yet used either Serger... and I'm not sure I'm quite sold on its necessity quite yet...

  3. *sigh* Sergio.... what we would do without you? However you are becoming as expensive as an extra child.... haha!