Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sewing For Boys

It's no secret to my friends and family that I would like a girl this time round. Boys are great, and I love the two I have, but let's be honest with each other for a moment.. girls clothes are way cuter than boy clothes. That is really my only reason, so you can tell I won't be too heart broken if it is another boy.

Having two little boys and being sewing mates with Melody who also has two little boys, and Miranda who has one, we have found some fun, easy things to make for boys. There are a lot blogs out there with great ideas and here are a couple of my go to favorites for my boys and gifts for other little boys I know.

You can't go wrong with a business casual look for your little man. This tie shirt pattern/tutorial can be found on tons of websites but I got mine here. It is originally sized for a onesie but is easily transferable to toddler and little boy sizes just by enlarging and elongating the pattern. I got these shirts on clearance for $1.50 at Target and typically I use scrap fabric.

Pair it with matching pants, pattern from MADE, and you have a great outfit. I have gotten several comments on these cute hounds tooth pants I made for my little one's birthday. Although Dana from MADE must have skinny kids because I did have to add to the width of the pattern in order for the 2t/3t size to fit my 2 year old. But that's the beauty of making things more than once.. you get to prefect it and make it yours!

Well see you next week. Hopefully I will have some piecing work done on my quilt to show you, but in the mean time I need to figure out how to take better pictures of my stuff!!



  1. Always gotta love the tie onesies! My favorite aspect of the houndstooth pants is the telltale "i'm a boy" dirt marks on the knees. :)

  2. ha ha.. yeah they wern't fresh out of the wask when i took the picture :)

  3. Super cute. Can I make a man's t-shirt with a giant sewn on tie- that would be appropriate for "dress up" dates, right?!?