Monday, February 13, 2012

Singer Circa 1973

It was a great effort on his part.  Christmas, a gift for his wife, something that would be the catalyst for a new hobby, a way to connect with other women who sew...

Who knew when he went to pick up the Singer sewing machine bought via craigslist that it would be older than her???

Well, we had a Beginners 1-2-3 Sewing Night tonight, incorporating some friends that have sewing machines and admittedly are baffled by them, and good ol' 1973 was there in all her glory.  I wasn't too worried.  We had two non-newbie sewers ready to teach some basics: winding the bobbin, threading the needle, sewing a straight stitch.  Surely we could tackle a bit of history between the two of us.

Correction: we did not tackle Singer '73.  She tackled us.  

We tried the manual.  It was baffling.  All these illustrations of women sewing without a care in the world; housewives in clearly uncomfortable outfits that made it obvious that we were definitely doing something wrong.  Maybe I needed to do my hair before starting to sew.  Maybe I need to be in high heels.  Or have my angelic children sitting at my feet reading a book.

The bobbin is what did us in.  Apparently you wind it while it's still in the bottom of the machine.  We got it wound, we pulled the thread up, we were ready to sew, and then we heard the sound of OLD metal parts scratching together.  This machine had not been used in years (conservative estimate ... decades is more like it). I gave up before inevitably getting a piece of flying shrapnel in my eye.

Our friend's husband is to be commended for the gesture.  Truly, he is.  And, it's nothing personal against Singer '73.  But for a new sewer, I really think it's worth the investment to get some current (in the last 10 years?) technology.  At the very least, you know you'd be able to find some extra bobbins at the local JoAnns.

Ah....a fun night was had by.....well, by Singer '73, who was returned smugly to her carrying case, knotted threads, crazy bobbins, misleading manual and all.


  1. WOW sewing with other women on Monday anight and not inviting us.. I will forgive you this time hahaha!!! well i am glad i didn't have to tackle the singer 73 but glad you are teaching some others to sew!!!

  2. Ha! I had one of these- I think it was circa 1950 something and it was the sole reason that I USED to tell people that sewing was the only thing that makes me cuss, and new (ish) sewing machine later I'm all well behaved, who knew?