Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tutorial Fail

Well.. you win some, you lose some... right?! Last time I posted I wrote about this awesome Weekender bag, here, and decided I could make the instructions way easier and have an inspired tutorial. Turns out, it was basically a glorified tote bag. When I was done I decided if I was ever going to make this again I would do it way differently and cut down the time involved by 4 hours. Therefore, no tutorial as was previously promised.

Reviewing the original tutorial did not give me any insights as to why I am so unhappy with the results, other than I think my expectations were too high. I did use the bag on my vacation to Oregon to hold fabric and sewing stuff... I will not let my time go to waste :) But alas, no pictures.

I did however find a backing for my Cal King quilt, sneak peeked here. I was looking for something that could be all one fabric but I would like looking at if I wanted to reverse it on my bed. I like change and rearranging furniture occurs frequently in my house. Since there aren't a lot of options for how to arrange my bedroom the ability to change the look of the bed is very appealing. I settled on Valori Wells' Wrenly Wren in Gypsy, pictured below:

It picks up all the colors on the flip side of my quilt but is also very different (which is good for the changing of the bed). I first saw it at the Stichin' Post in Sisters, OR while on vacation but found it on for a way better price plus free shipping (bonus). I only feel slightly bad because the Stichin Post is owned by Valori Wells' mom, Jean Wells. But not bad enough to dish out the extra cash. I have decided to get it quilted by a local quilter so that it looks extra awesome. I will definitely show you when it's done.

While at I also found some super cute patterned gauze which I plan on turning into swaddling blankets inspired by MADE. Check back next week for the finished project!


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