Sunday, March 17, 2013

Is Anyone Still Reading this Blog

I think the better questions would be is anyone still writing this blog??


Well, not until today.

There have been many times over the last 10 months I have thought about blogging. But just didn't. I was pregnant, then I had a newborn (go figure), my oldest started kindergarten and not much sewing was going on. Then my machine kind of died.

Over Christmas my grandma offered me her Husqvarna. So yesterday I picked her up, the machine that is. Here she is straight from 1984 and she sews like a dream.

Currently I'm considering names; Old Gal, little hussie, Black Beauty, or since she's Swedish maybe something like Hedda would be more appropriate.

Like a kid getting a new present I couldn't wait to sew. I knew I wanted to make a new apron and I love this one from Anthropologie. It's called Sewing Basket Apron. Appropriately named due to the many scraps of fabric and trim. Well I pulled out my scrap fabric and box of ric rac, lace, bias tape and ribbon, most of which was donated to me by a wonderful lady at church. Here is what I came up Anthropologie inspired apron. It's a way different color pallet but I'm happy with it.

I also originally had ruffled the skirt but I didn't like how it fit my waist so I took it out and made it straight.

Well, off to sew for the second night in a row... a winner in my book. Easter is two weeks away and I think some new skirts are in order.

Hopefully I will blog some more and catch you up on all the dresses and quilts I have completed in the last 10 months.

Until then........



  1. Yea and hurray, little hussy sounds pretty good!

  2. What a beautiful machine and you'll always be reminded of your grandmother when using it.