Monday, March 19, 2012


 Awhile back, I wrote a post about some different projects I had coming up, and I've made a bit of progress on a quilt for my brother.  Now, my grandma had made him a quilt that he has loved and cherished, so much so that it is worn to pieces, beyond repair.  He asked her to make him another, and she agreed (!), with the understanding that I would help her piece it together during her visit to our neck of the woods.  Well, she was out here for a month, and with all the visiting, cooking, baking, and lounging in the sun, we didn't quite get the quilt finished.  So as she left, she passed along the project to me.  I told my brother I'd finish it as my birthday present to him...I mean, he's my brother, I'm not going to be nice just BECAUSE. :) my sewing room (read: garage workshop that I share with my husbands tools and new drumset...story on that later), I've been piecing together the last of these blocks!

right sides together

the big block, comprised of four blocks
big block is 17" square
each small block began as a 9" block
diagonal scrappy strips sewn on to a backing piece (scrap)

picking out the fabric for the back.  
love it.  
and my brother approved it.  
and Bennett's hand is trying to touch it in the picture.  
Shopping in JoAnn's with two little ones can be challenging...

Today, I'm trying to sew all the rows together, with sashing in between, and then get it all pinned together tomorrow, so I can tie it (g'ma's preferred method of keeping the quilt sandwich together).  

A good netflix queue and a quilt to tie/bind can do wonders for the soul.


  1. Pretty! Wanna come over and tie quilts with me? I have a t-shirt quilt that needs to be done. Do you tie before or after you bind? I've never done it...

  2. I love the backing you picked!!!! Can't wait to see that drum set ...ha!